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BenchmarkConnect assists our customers with buying and selling of commodities in Western Canada. Let’s give you some insight information to assist with your marketing needs. Uncontrollable factors such as supply, demand, inflation, weather, political unrest, foreign events, new technologies, and even rumors can influence the price of a commodity

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What we are seeing today:

Wheat –Has remained flat in price through January with small rallies followed by losses. Potential for small increases due to weather reports overseas and world supplies.

Barley –Domestic/ export demand and values continue to lower following corn. End users seem to be fully covered through February and March. Limited space left to market old crop barley. New crop values very similar to old crop.

Corn –Values continue to drop with very little export and a large anticipated old crop carry over.

Peas/Faba’s –Prices have softened through January following the protein and energy markets. Expect to see prices continue to weaken.

Soybean Meal –Values Continuing to decline, processing plants are reaching higher, increasing supply. Continue to be two months ahead in purchasing simply due to rail logistics.

Canola Meal –As always follows the soybean meal trend. Supply beginning to tighten for February and March because of recent export trades. Look to cover February and March usage.

Corn/Wheat DDG –Pricing Continues to weaken following protein and energy markets. Be sure to cover February and March requirement.

Fibre’s –Soyhulls, millrun, malt sprouts, beet pulp. Values have dropped since fall, expected to stay flat until late spring early summer months.

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Disclaimer: The above comments and conclusion are based on a market opinion and is not a guarantee for buying or selling commodities.